Turning Words into Data

Our ready-to-use technology eliminates the need for expensive development and the expertise needed to cater to quant funds


Pressrisk provides content distribution and SaaS platform tools to meet the technological demands of all publishers. Our proprietary natural language processing (NLP) data provides key insight on market-moving catalysts for subscribers.

Best-in-class API technology allows boutique publishers to clear the tech barrier open up exponential revenue growth via API distribution to quantitative funds that would be inaccessible without PressRisk.

Pressrisk’s verified delay function and a blockchain-based ledger that provides proof of simultaneous delivery.

Our Products
Publisher platform
Pressrisk offers individuals and publishers an easy to use content management system with the cutting edge features usually reserved for large enterprises. Features include dynamic text editing, user management, compliance tools, simultaneous e-mail distribution, media libraries, document management, custom calendars, financial data, and an NLP driven Research Management System. The content management system is designed to protect publisher’s IP, while seamlessly allowing mass distribution, and security features.
We offer these free to publishers to alleviate the burden of technological and compliance projects.
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Our core technology structures and indexes published materials into a machine readable NLP API feed. For publishers this opens up new lines of revenue while requiring no additional technology burden. For data consumers we offer access to exclusive data sources that were not machine readable prior to working with Pressrisk. Our APIs are designed to minimize geographic latency through various edge technologies. We level the distribution playing field so all end users receive data in a fast, equitable and compliant way.
These APIs have applications for systematic trading, generative AI, and NLP model training.
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On the reader side of the equation, our platform gives subscribers to our partner publications an analytics advantage. Users are able to aggregate their subscriptions through our Research Management System, and take advantage of a host of powerful tools. Readers are gain access to an NLP powered workflow organizer, proprietary calendars, filings data, financial data, and much more. We enhance the value of the reader’s current subscriptions through a library of open analytics.
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